Neg Micon - A company with an eventful and complex history
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Neg Micon

Neg Micon – A company with an eventful history

Neg Micon in the tanker industry

Neg Micon is a company with a slightly longer and complex history. The company was established for the purpose of initially producing tankers. However, revenue began to fall slowly in the tanker market, which is why Neg Micon chose to change its industry. At this point, the consequences of traditional energy supplies, such as the burning of fossil fuels, were just beginning to be considered. It had just been learned that this caused major damage to nature and the earth globally. Therefore, there was a great need in the market to find alternative forms of energy. Here, Neg Micon comes back into the picture as they saw this obvious opportunity by focusing on wind energy as an alternative form of energy. This is just the start of a whole new world for Neg Micon, which in 1980 started production of wind turbines headquartered in Randers. Production was increasing with each passing day and therefore in 1995 the company went on the stock exchange named Micon EnergyGroup.

Merger with Nordtank Energy Group

In 1997, a new wind turbine manufacturer named Nordtank Energy Group was established in Balle near Grenå. The two groups saw an obvious opportunity to collaborate on the alternative energy, which is why they chose to merge. This resulted in a new name, which was called NEG Micon, which is actually a contraction of Nordtank Energy Group and Micon EnergyGroup. However, NEG Micon chose to retain their headquarters in Randers. At this time, the group was the world’s largest manufacturer in terms of installed wind turbines. Here, NEG Micon owned 23.4 percent of newly installed wind turbines worldwide, while the Danish competitor Vestas Wind System accounted for only 14.8 percent of all newly installed wind turbines.

Neg Micon

Another merger in the group

In marts 2008 the company again merged with the Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas. The merge resulted again in a change of name, so now the company only operates under the name Vestas. Within the merge NEG Micon had placed around 10.000 wind turbines in 38 countries, which at that time correspond to 20% of the installed wind power on a worldwide scale. Currently Vestas is the number one leading company in the wind turbine business in the world. They trade wind turbines to a several countries in the world and had in 2010 placed more than 41.000 wind turbines in 65 countries distributed among 5 continents.

Vestas is operating in I. A.

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Norway
  • Spain
  • Sri Lanka
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